Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kate is 19 Months Old! February 2, 2011

On Sunday I asked Kate if I could take her picture & she got down in front me for a close-up!
I love this one of her holding Daddy's hand & smiling up at him.
Showing us her nose!
The other morning I heard Kate talking & singing away in her room - when I peeked in the door she was having a ball playing "Dr." & "Chef."
Since tomorrow is Michael's big day (he turns 4!) I thought I would post about our girl today. She turns 19 months old tomorrow! She is so much fun. I love that right now she loves Matthew & says his name so enthusiastically - "Babew! Babew!" She points to his nose, ears, eyes, and we are teaching her how to pet him. Thankfully he seems to like the attention & sits patiently as she plays with him. I also love that when you give her something she says, "Thay u, wel-come!" She loves to zip her own pj's - as soon as I get them on her, she reaches down & works with all her might to get the zipper up. The Dr. kit is one of her favorite toys - you will probably find her wearing the stethoscope most of the time. She will come up to me & listen to my heart, saying, "bum, bum."
Her favorites - books, singing songs, pushing strollers with Michael, her Minnie lovey (Mimi!), bathtime, spaghetti, bananas, yogurt, green beans, playing outside, going places
Her dislikes - Michael taking things from her, having her hair combed (owww!), shoes & socks, hairbows
Kate is so full of life, joy & happiness & we are so thankful for our sweet little girl! We love you Miss K!

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Fran said...

Alisa and Andy... what great parents you two are...If kids all over America had parents like you, we wouldn't ever have an detention type
places for Teens....Keep up the good work, with these two special little
kiddos!...Saw Alice today in Johnson City and gave her a present for M's Birthday....Can't believe he is already 4! Wow...that went fast...
Blessings to all. Aunt Fran , Mark, & Teal