Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mommy is 26 weeks pregnant! 2-7-11

Poor Baby #3. I realized I have not posted about my ultrasound that I had in December when we found out it's a BOY! His name is David Foster Nelson - David is a name we have liked for a long time - when I was pregnant with Kate, David was our choice if she had been a boy. And Foster was Andy's grandfather who passed away 2 months shy of 100 years old. When the Dr. told us we were having a boy we were both a little shocked. For some reason we were convinced this baby was a girl. But we are thrilled, and as we left the ultrasound we really didn't have much discussion about his name - we both knew he would be David Foster. I'm feeling pretty good this pregnancy & we can't wait to meet the sweet little guy. Michael is so excited to meet his little brother & Kate has no clue :) David will be here in exactly 3 months this week! Wow!


The Goforths said...

YEA! LOVE his name... so special!

HotMommy said...

You picked two of my favorite names! David just because I like it and Foster is middle name.