Monday, March 26, 2012

'Spring Blah,' aka 'Spring Break'

Spring Break was the loooongest week I have had in a while. I wasn't sad to see it go. It rained. Kate had the flu. We were stuck in the house because of the rain & the flu. And we didn't have our normal routine. Thus making a very. long. week. The rain was beautiful & we really needed it, but it prevented us from being able to escape, even if it was just to the park. Kate had it rough for about 5 days - fever over 105, throwing up, etc. She didn't respond well to Tamiflu either. But she is well, hallelujah! Hopefully we are done with sickness around here!! 
Pics - sweet David napping - I love how he uses his bumper pads as his pillow :) Michael was so proud of his block city that he built all by himself one afternoon. M & K love to draw on the chalkboard that I painted in the kitchen recently.

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