Monday, March 26, 2012


I often make notes of funny things the kids say or just things I want to remember on little sheets of paper here & there. Here are a few things I want to remember from the past few weeks --
*He is OBSESSED with time. He tells me what time it is all. the. time. And often he's very dramatic about it - "Mommy, it's 9:05." "Mommy, it's 7:52." "Mommy, it's ALREADY 11:00. Wow, it's late!" "Wow, it's almost 4!" He also noticed that his clock in his room & the kitchen didn't match & had me change his clock :)
*We had this funny conversation last week - (He will hate me for this when he gets older :)
M - Mommy, I have my pj pants on without underwear & it feels so much better!
me - Ok (while giggling & smiling)
M - Why are you laughing?
me - Because I love you & you're cute.
M - I don't want to be cute! I want to be cool! (Really? At 5 he's already concerned with being cool!?)
*He has taught himself simple addition - he told me he learned with the dominoes. He tells me simple addition facts & gets them right (3+2=5, 3+3=6, 2+2=4, etc)! I was so surprised by this that I thought Andy may have taught him, but he hadn't. This boy is READY for Kindergarten! 
*Andy & I are both really noticing that one of his love languages is physical touch - he wants to give us hugs ALL the time. And both of his teachers have told me that he hugs them all the time too :)
*He calls David 'Bubba' - he came up with this all on his own - so sweet :)
*I felt really smart the other day when he taught me how to do something on my iPhone that I didn't know how to do! 
*When we were at Kohl's we walked by the underwear/nightgowns & he said (while giggling), "Look Mommy! Underwear!" giggle, giggle, giggle :)
*I told Michael something & he said, "Well, keep it in your brain & then remind me later." 

*Our neighborhood is called Griffin Park. Kate calls the neighborhood playground/park, "The Griffin Park." She will say, "Can we go to The Griffin Park now?" or "I want to go to The Griffin Park." 
*I opened Kate's door the other morning to get her up & she immediately said, "I went poopoo Mommy. You need to change my diaper. You need wipes." 
*If I ask her if she wants me to fix her hair she will say, "No, my hair is fine."
*Last week with all the thunderstorms she would say, "There's noise in my window Mommy! My window is noisy!" 
*She says beautiful - "booootiful" - I had just painted my toenails & she looked at them & said, "Your toes are boootiful Mommy!" She often says, "It's a boootiful day Mommy!"
*I was on the phone with Andy & I guess she heard me call him Babe because she looked up at me & said, "Can I talk to Babe?"
*When I tell her I love her she will say, "Mommy. I love you too." 

*He is officially crawling now. He still slides around on his tummy sometimes, but that boy is a mover! He ended up in Michael's room the other day & M was shocked! "Mommy! David is in my room!" 
*He started clapping this week - so cute :)