Wednesday, September 19, 2007

All smiles!

And again...a few more bath pictures:)
I love being wrapped up in my towel!
I can't wait until I can do this by myself!!
This is one of my favorite things to do right now - I love to sit on a blanket with a bunch of different toys - I can play like this for a long time!
That makes Mommy & Daddy happy!


Margaret Morgan Maat said...

I am delighted to have Michael in the family and delighted to be able to view his pictures as he grows.

Michelle said...

What a handsome man you have there! I am sorry that I will miss you in Abilene, but only 2 weeks till Iowa! Miss you!

Michelle said...

Forgot something...Does Michael have on pull-ups in that picture? Is he that amazing to be potty trained at 7 months? Wow...what a mommy!! :)

McCullough Family said...

Cute! You can never have enough sweet bath time pictures :)

ABL said...

I love bath pictures. They are always so sweet. KJ is great at playing by himself, too, WHAT A BLESSING!