Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My Doctor Appointment

Today Mommy took me to Dr. Stecklow for my check-up. It wasn't much fun, especially when they brought those long needles out - 4 of them!! Ouch! But, I did really well and only cried for a little bit. I also got weighed and measured. I now weigh 13lbs, 12 ounces (3rd percentile) and am 26 inches long (10th percentile). Dr. Stecklow said I am very healthy and that even though I am small for my age, he isn't worried. I could tell Mommy was relieved:) The best part was that I got to show off my 2 new teeth, how I can sit up by myself & my happy smile & laugh!


Karrol said...

I'm so glad that the doctor could see how healthy you are! Your daddy was always "low" on those weight charts and I used to worry and worry. And look how big he turned out to be!

Elisa said...

Michael, you are such a handsome little man! I've enjoyed reading about you. Please tell your mom I said hi. Elisa (Foust) J.