Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Many Hats...

Mommy & I were bored yesterday, so we had a photo shoot with me wearing my many different hats. Last winter I wasn't able to wear most of these because they were too big. This winter they will be too small! My cute M hat that Mommy's friend, Sueanna, knit for me!
My favorite - Go UT!
I'm not so sure about this one...I feel a little confined.
My creepy, but cute, spider hat.
Are we done yet Mommy? It seems a little silly to be wearing all these hats when it's 80 degrees outside. :)


Michelle said...

Hey! He is so adorable! I love the hats! His face is really filling out! What a sweet boy! Less than a week till we get to chat in person! I am really looking forward to it! Did you get my birthday email?


McCullough Family said...

So cute! I like the silly spider hat :) and the M one! Luke needs an L!

Candice said...

Michael you are getting so big! I can't wait to see you when your Mommy and I can finally get a date figured out.