Wednesday, September 15, 2010

About Michael...3 yrs, 7 months

Is it too early for me to say that we may have an artist?? (Which would make me so happy:) He drew the above pictures & told me the bottom picture is a horse!! I had to stop & take a picture, I was so impressed :) And below, some of his letter writing - H, T, T, H
There is so much I want to remember about the stage Michael is in right now. He is changing & growing SO fast!! (I know, all moms say that.) Yesterday I told Michael, "Guess what today is?" and he said, "What?" I said, "It's my birthday today!" His eyes got really big & with tons of 3 year old enthusiam he said, "I want to eat some cake!!" So, he already equates birthday with cake :)
On Sunday night he went to his first Awana's at church. He loved it and when I picked him up he couldn't wait to tell me about how God made the sky and the clouds. He was very proud of his artwork he had done. On Tuesdays and Fridays he goes to 'school' (MDO) and has a great time - he never wants to leave when I pick him up. Today was our first BSF - Bible Study Fellowship. He loved it too! When we got home & had lunch, he said, "Thank God for our food and for Bible study!"
Michael is showing interest in writing his letters - so far I have seen him (completely on his own without my help) write a D, H, M & T. He also will draw random things on his Doodle Pro, bring it to me and tell me what it is. He has learned to spell his name (& Kate's too). I made up a little song to help him & we also put letters on the fridge. Now if you ask him to spell Michael - he says, "M-I-C-H-A-E-L spells Michael & K-A-T-E spells Kate!!"
He has such a tender heart. He constantly tells me that he loves me, that he loves Daddy, that he loves Kate, and bear. He will randomly come up to me & say sweet things like, "I like Molly! She is my best friend!" or "Daddy really needs to get home. I miss him." He is very inquisitive (what 3 yr old isn't?!) He wants ALL the details of our plan for the day - where we are going, who is coming over, etc. I admit that his constant questions & conversations get a bit tiring, but I am so thankful to watch & listen to how his brain is working overtime. He is SUCH a blessing! I love you so much Michael! I thank God everyday for you!

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