Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of "School!"

For the past month I have been telling Mommy, "We really need to go to school & Bible study." Mommy said both would start soon and I have been SO excited! On Monday night Mommy said, "Guess where you get to go tomorrow?" And I said, "SCHOOL! I like school!!" Yesterday when I woke up I couldn't wait to get there! I hardly noticed when Mommy left - I was playing on the floor, looked up at her & said, "Bye Mommy!" I love my teachers and friends in my class. My friend Molly is in my class which is awesome! And I get to share a cubby with her! How cool is that?! When Mommy came to pick me up in the afternoon, I was so disappointed! I wasn't ready to leave at all! But the good news is that I get to go every week! Yay!
I went to school today too! I also didn't notice when Mommy left. I am quite the social butterfly, so I was in heaven! I immediately started playing with all the other friends in my room! Most of them can walk & even run, so I have a lot to learn to keep up! But I enjoyed watching everyone - so much so, that I didn't nap! Wow! I was just too entertained by all that was going on! My teachers were very thankful that I stayed happy without a nap. Mommy told me I will have to learn how to nap at school with all my friends. I just smiled :)

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