Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Little About Michael 3/2011

*4 Year Dr. Appt. - Weight - 29.2 lbs, 5%; Height - 37 1/2 inches, 5%
*So positive & observant - "I'm so glad I got new Lightening McQueen pj's!" "I like your pink toenails Mommy!" "Look at me! I'm Big!"; "I love you SO much Mommy!" I was holding my coffee mug without using the handle & he said, "You can use the handle if you want to Mommy."
*Is consistently getting up at night by himself to go potty - doesn't wake us up or anything! Woo Hoo!
*Funnies - He looked at a painting that Kate did at MDO & said, "Well, I bet her teacher helped her do that!"; He put his play cell phone on the table & said, "I don't need this cell phone anymore. No one is calling me!"; He told our friend Esther, "Did you know Mommy has a baby in her tummy? What I don't understand is how it got stuck in there! And what I really don't understand is how it will get out!"; I called him into the bathroom to fix his hair & brush his teeth. He didn't come so I called him again. He came running around the corner, pushing bear in Kate's doll stroller. He looked at me seriously & said, "Sorry I'm late. I was in traffic."
*I was reading him "The Little Engine That Could" & learned that I can no longer skip words in his favorite books. He caught me & made me go back - correcting me Word for Word!!
*He loves saying the first letter in words. He loves to rhyme. "Let's rhyme some more Mommy!!" He loves to "read" picture books by himself - His favorites to do this with are "No No Yes Yes" & "Big Little."
*A policeman came to his preschool on Monday & he was SO excited to tell me about it & what he learned - wearing seat belts, helping people & not talking to strangers. He got a policeman sticker & said, "I saw his red & blue lights on his police car!" It made his day!
*He was singing a song, "Let's have fun & share. Let's have a great day!" It sounded like a real song so I asked him if he learned it at school or church. He said,"No, God told it to me."
*He is SO excited about baby David. We took him to our ultrasound yesterday & he said, "I can't wait to see Baby David on the special camera!" He daily comes up to my tummy & says, "Hi Baby David. I love you!" and gives him a kiss.
Michael, I love you more than you know. You are such a blessing to me and I couldn't ask for a sweeter little man. You are a wonderful big brother to Kate. Thank you for sharing with her and helping her. I know you are going to be such a big helper & great big brother to David too. I absolutely love watching you learn each day & I love the funny things you say. I thank God for putting you in our life and I pray that He is working in your heart, preparing you to know Him as your Savior. I love you my man! Love, Mommy

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Melodie said...

michael's funnies ALWAYS seem to make me chuckle. crazy how fast it happens. they just get so big so quickly!