Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Underwear, Gymnastics & Kissing...

Last Thursday Michael started gymnastics. He LOVED it. It took him a few minutes to warm up, but eventually he was having a ball. He has asked everyday since if he gets to go today.
After class I took M & K to Chick-fil-a for lunch. When we got there I needed to use the ladies' room & Michael informed me that he needed to go potty too. Kate & I went in one stall & he went in another one. Then in a VERY loud voice he shouted from the other stall, "Mommy! I'm not wearing any underwear!" It was so funny, especially when I realized another lady was in the bathroom, laughing quietly to herself. Michael has been getting dressed by himself in the mornings for a while now, but this is definitely the first time he has forgotten underwear.
Another humorous conversation he & I had the other night - I was tucking him in bed & he said, "Mommy, I want to give you a kiss." I turned my cheek towards him, but he put both hands on my face & tried to turn my face towards him. "I want to kiss you on the mouth." he said. I told him that I would rather him kiss me on the cheek. He asked why of course. I told him that moms & their kids kiss each other on the cheek (at least we do anyway :) So he said, "Well, can I kiss my friends on the mouth?" I said, "No, that wouldn't be a good idea. You can hold hands or hug your friends." (Or not touch them at all! is what I was thinking :) Then he said, "But why? I like to kiss on the mouth!" Ummm...you do? At age four? And you know this from experience?!? It was quite funny...I had to work really hard to keep from laughing.

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Elizabeth said...

Yes Lydia always wants to kiss on the mouth because that's how the princes wake up the princesses (Snow White & Sleeping Beauty) I had that exact same kissing conversations but sometimes she sneaks and kisses Gloria on the mouth when they are playing Sleeping Beauty when she thinks I'm not looking!