Thursday, January 5, 2012

Santa Visit 2011

 We had no idea what to expect with Santa. We guessed that Michael & David would do fine but we weren't sure about Kate. Last year we had to work extremely hard to get to her to stop crying. And she did. But this year, not so much. She was perfectly happy & content until we sat her on Santa's lap. Then she completely freaked out. Michael & David did great though.   

You know Santa is thinking, "Seriously. WHY did I sign up for this?!"
Once we joined the picture, Kate relaxed a little bit. So this year's Santa picture is a family picture :) Notice the hilarious placement of David's hand on his chin. As if to say, "This really is an odd tradition. A family picture with a random bearded man in a red suit joining us. Hmmm." 

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