Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our Soccer Star!

 1. M about to score his first of 2 goals this game! 2. The little boy to the left of him is named Brayden. He is the coach's son - Andy & Coach Buckingham have agreed that he & Michael play really well together so we're going to keep them on the same team next year! 3. M has really improved in being aggressive & going after the ball! 4. Yes, they blew up this large green dino DURING the game - you can only imagine how distracted the little 5 year olds were - so funny!

Michael is really enjoying soccer & has improved so much since he started in March. Yesterday BB & Papa drove up to watch him play! He was SO excited to have them there! Andy made me laugh - originally he told me he would coach in a few years, when M is a little older. But he is now the assistant coach :-) And he's already agreed to continue next year!

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