Sunday, April 29, 2012

This Week

 The weather was beautiful this week! Perfect for lunch on the patio! 
 How could I have forgotten how MESSY this stage is! This boy LOVES to eat!! I think he would just eat & eat & eat if we didn't stop him! So far his favorites seem to be: avacado (as you can tell from the pic!), banana, yogurt, sweet potato & scrambled eggs. He cries when he's done with these foods & we don't offer him more! Quite funny :-) On Monday of this week I decided to take formula & bottles away cold turkey. I did this with M & with K - seemed much easier to me than slowly weaning. He is doing really well. He doesn't seem to like milk as much as Kate did, but he will drink it & he's doing well with the sippy cup! 
 I was folding laundry & M said, "Mommy, I want to help you fold laundry!" Music to my ears!! He folded that entire stack of dishtowels all by himself, along with most of his clothes! He did such a good job & I was so proud of him! I will cherish this time until helping Mommy do laundry is no longer fun to him :-)

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