Friday, August 3, 2012

More July Fun

Candice & her girls came to visit the last week of July. They arrived on Monday afternoon. We had fun swimming & after we got the kids to bed we left Andy "on duty" & we went to Mama Rosa's on Lake Hefner - it was very yummy & we enjoyed sitting on the patio & having lots of great girl talk. We stayed up late talking & then around 2am I woke up with my stomach churning. I really hoped it wasn't food poisoning. Tuesday morning I woke up feeling awful & so did Andy. Luckily, Candice felt fine, so we knew it wasn't food poisoning, but some kind of 24 hour bug. True friendship right here folks - Candice took care of all 5 kids (ages 5, 5, 3, 2 & 14 months!) by herself for most of the day while I layed on the couch completely useless. At one point I even fell asleep on the floor while all the kids were playing around me. By evening I was starting to feel better. We took the kids swimming again. Then we had to watch When Harry Met Sally, for tradition :-) We also had fun acting like teenagers & making homeade pore cleaning strips from a recipe we found on pinterest! Even though the trip didn't go exactly as planned, we had a great time. So thankful for my sweet friend of 28 years :-)

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