Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Notes

Here are some notes I have in my phone about the kids this summer -
5/22 - M was telling me about God - "He's bigger than big. And He's HUGE. He keeps us safe!"
5/30 - During family worship Kate prayed, "Thank you for my monkey pj's!" Her favorite song that she wants to sing every. single. night is Holy, Holy, Holy (she says Hoey, Hoey, Hoey :-)
6/28 - I was packing lunches for the pool & M very seriously said, "Is there anything else you need from the pantry? How about a rice rusk for David?"
7/1 - We swam several days in a row & M told me, "Maybe tomorrow we can take a break from the pool." (Ha! You know you've been swimming too much if a 5 year old wants a break!)
7/24 - David took his first step!
7/25 - David loves putting things in containers & then pouring them out / starting over. Kate always calls David "Little Man" (Wittle Man). Kate is currently wearing princess pjs, a pink baseball cap, fairy wings & twirling around saying, "Mommy, look what I can do! I'm a princess Mommy! I'm a princess!"
7/26 - We had Baby Signing Time on for David to watch. It got to the diaper dance part & M said, "Diaper Dance?! Now this is Weird!"
8/16 - Kate said, "Oh! It's my pretty princess purse!!" - Really starting to show an interest in princesses. She took the movie, Snow White, out of our DVD drawer & pointed to Snow White, "Ohhh, I like her! She is SO pretty."

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