Saturday, November 3, 2012

Michael the Kindergartener

I can't believe we are in the 3rd month of Kindergarten already. It is going so well. M continues to love going each day & loves his teacher. He comes home & tells me all that he is learning - "Today I learned about sneaky E!" The other day he got off the bus proudly wearing a construction paper/yarn necklace he had made. I let him buy his lunch one day a week & he loves that. 
Every morning he wakes up around 7 & we eat breakfast & he gets dressed. At 7:50 I walk him to the corner & we wait with our friends for the bus. I think this is still one of his favorite things about going to school. The funny thing about our bus stop right now is that it is 5 girls & Michael. He always sits with some sweet neighborhood girls on the bus (they are all in 4th & 5th grade! It makes me laugh!) They draw him pictures & I'm pretty sure he has all of them wrapped around his finger. I'm waiting for the day when they decide they're tired of a 5 year old boy following them around everywhere! :)
At 3:30 I sit in my garage & wait for the bus to drive by - then I walk to the corner. He always hops off, runs to me & hugs my legs. Then we walk home, get a snack & do his homework on the back porch. He is doing great with reading & sight words. His favorite books for me to read to him right now are Berenstain Bears - we read at least one every day.
In the last month or so, he has started drawing SO much. It is so much fun to watch him draw & hear him explain his drawings.

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