Sunday, November 11, 2012

This & That

*As I was telling Michael goodnight he said, "I'll never stop hugging & kissing you, Mommy!"
(So sweet - I'll remind him of this when he's 16 :)
*Kate said, "Mommy, I'm going to look in your mirror to see if I look pretty." 
*At naptime yesterday Kate was crying because she didn't want to take a nap. We had this conversation - I said, "Do you want socks on?" "Nooo." "Do you want to be covered up?" "Nooo." "Do you need a drink?" "Nooo." "Do you want to be miserable?" "Yesss." "Ok, see you in a little while." "Okkk."
*This week David said 2 new words - Thank you (ta ew) & David (day day)
*Michael had a big day yesterday - he had a soccer game at 8am & 2pm - between the games he was invited over to play & have lunch at his friend, Brayden's house. I just can't believe our boy is getting old enough for playdates like that. 

*Mom & I actually took a picture together while she was here!! So thankful for her :) 
*And for the 5 readers of my blog :) here is a little update on Michael - 
On Monday we showed up at the hospital at 8:30 for M's surgery. We checked in & waited over an hour. The nurse called us back to the surgery prep room & took M's vitals, weighed him, etc. 4 sets of wonderful family & friends were in the waiting room & we were emotionally ready to get this over with! Michael was such a champ & was completely calm with it all. Then our pediatric cardiologist walked into the room. He told us that they wouldn't be able to do the surgery that day - their back up surgeon had an emergency medical situation and could no longer practice. The worst part - our dr. had known since the previous week but had failed to call us (even though he had been instructed to do so). Unbelievable. It was such a let down, especially emotionally. So here we are...still waiting to get this behind us. Michael's file has been sent to Dallas Children's & we are waiting to hear from them & get on their schedule, hopefully soon!! 


The Goforths said...

I cannot imagine how frustrating this has been! Praying for you all!

Elizabeth said...

I read your blog and I want to ask about brown boats and black clothes-I see this is trendy now, can it be done with Cowboy boats as well because mine are brown? please email your response and I respect your fashion sense!