Wednesday, November 28, 2012

David is 18 months old! 11-11-2012

Our sweet D-Man is changing by the day. I had forgotten how much fun (& BuSy!!) this stage is. He walks around the house baby-talking & looks at us, lifts his hands as he talks & really tells us stories. It is quite funny. He is saying a few words every now & then, but definitely not a big talker yet. He loves to hug & cuddle - when I'm getting him dressed he always gives me a hug. For a while he cried when we dropped him off at school or at church, but he seems to be over it now - he walks right in his rooms. He loves to stack things & pretend to talk on the phone. He continues to love eating - as soon as I lift him out of his crib every morning, he signs "eat" while saying "e." He also likes to sneak in Kate's room & jump on her bed - until I find him :) It has been so fun watching him play with M & K - they are so sweet with him (well, most of the time :) 

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