Saturday, May 4, 2013


Perhaps one reason that I only posted one time in the month of April is that it was cRaZy. Sooo long, April. I will not miss you. And with the recent national events, I don't think much of the country will miss you either!! 
Our April was crazy with Andy having 2 work trips - a total of 20 days, several big art deadlines for me, the stomach bug, and just normal life busyness - me teaching art lessons, homework, dentist appts, M's school field trip etc. Mommom came to visit one of the weeks Andy was traveling, so that was wonderful!! I also ran the OKC Memorial 5K again this year. It was a lot of fun. 
A few things to remember -
Michael - One night he was taking pictures of Kate & David with my phone. He ran into the kitchen to show me a pic he had taken & said, "Mommy! You've got to see this! It is adorable!" 
One night while Andy was gone I was exhausted & stressing. I'm sure M could tell & he said, "Mommy, I learned this at school - Smile, take a deep breath, and relax." :) It was so cute & it worked!!
I can't believe we are done with Kindergarten in less than 3 weeks. WOW.
Kate - Her favorites right now: her princess puzzle, twirling & me painting her toenails 
"Mommy, can you paint my fingernails?" 
"Mommy, can you watch me twirl?" 
"Mommy, will you work my princess puzzle with me?"
She calls her Minnie lovey "Minnie with a dress on" - love it :)
She always notices my fingernails - "Mommy, are your fingernails a different color?" yes. "Are they blue?" It's called mint. "Ohhh. I like mint. Mint is a pretty color."
David - He loves his stuffed animals these days & he calls them all his "babies." When I get him out of bed in the morning he wants all his "babies" to get out of bed with him. We were in Hobby Lobby the other day & passed some stuffed animals. He pointed & said, "Babies!!"
He still spontaneously dances at the most random times. It is so funny.
While Andy was gone he loved to do FaceTime. He would just laugh & stare into the phone screen looking at Andy. It was really cute.
I can't believe he will be TWO next week!! Another WOW. 

1)NeedtoBreathe concert with hubby & friends 2)Finished the OKC Memorial 5K 3)Fun with my sweeties 4)Mommom, Michael & Kate reading :) 5)Sweet friend, Pati 6)David the stud 7)David the ham :) 8)Watching the rain 9)Soccer coach Andy & Michael's team

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