Saturday, May 25, 2013

David is 2! May 11, 2013

We celebrated David's 2nd birthday a few weeks ago! Cannot believe he is 2! Wow! A few things about him - still doesn't talk much although he obeys commands pretty well, so I know he understands more than he says. He is happy most of the time & he loves to be the clown - always dancing, laughing, showing off. Boy, can he eat :)!! He loves being outside, playing in the water, taking baths...really doesn't have many dislikes that I can think of. He is really starting to show his opinion when he doesn't get his way though :) Or when a certain sibling takes something away from him!!

 Mommom made him this cute Raggedy Andy doll.
 Kate & Michael loved helping decorate the kitchen - Mommom & Daddy had to blow up all the balloons though, since I have never been able to blow up balloons!! 

He loved opening his presets & didn't want any help :) BB & Papa gave him a birthday card with music - we loved watching him dance to it :)
When I took D for his 2 yr well-check, he got a great report. Healthy ears with tubes still in place, no heart murmur (Yay!) & he weighed 24lbs, in the 15% in both weight & height. 

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