Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kindergarten Mother's Day Tea

The kindergarten classes at M's school had a Mother's Day Tea. Mommom was in town so she went with me & Kate. When we arrived, the kids called their moms into the classroom one at a time. Each child introduced their mom to their class & then handed their mom a tissue paper flower. I sat down at Michael's seat & had a plate & card he had made me. He read the card to me, then we watched a sweet video Mrs. Branch had made of the kids reciting a poem about moms. "Little bees have a mom to teach them how to buzz," was M's line :) All the kindergarteners performed songs for us in the auditorium. Then they showed us their flowers they had planted in honor of their mom in the Washington Irving  garden. It was a very special afternoon (& I may have teared up a few times!!)

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