Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Fun!

On Tuesday while Michael & Kate were at school I enjoyed getting my house more "fallish." I know, it's the END of October & just weeks from now I will be pulling out our Christmas decor. But better late than never. I love candy corn so I had fun doing this centerpiece in the dining room (thanks to my friend Kaley for the idea!)
The weather was absolutely perfect for planting pansies. I love my red wagon that is a family heirloom - it was my mom's & aunt's when they were little girls.
Kate had her 15 month appointment on Monday & had a good report - so thankful. She weighs 21 lbs (25%) & is 30 inches tall(40%). She got 4 shots & of course, was NOT happy about it. Michael & I also got flu shots. Michael was also NOT happy about this. The nurse & I had to pin him down on the table as he screamed, "I don't want a shot!" over & over. Mommy of the year award, coming my way! Poor guy, he ended up having a really bad reaction to the shot too. Monday night we had a contractor come look at our master bathroom to give us an estimate on remodelling it. While he was here Michael threw up in the hallway & started running 103 temp. It was LOTS of fun cleaning that up with our dog, a 15 month old & a contractor in our home! Fortunately, Michael woke up Tuesday feeling much better. Also on Tuesday - Kate took her first 2 steps!! Woo Hoo!!

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THE LEA'S said...

Alisa, Moriah has to have blood work done every 6 months and Children's in Little Rock had her petrified of shots and needles. I had someone tell me to get this cream that nums the area and makes it so much easier. I forget the name of the cream but ask your pediatrician to prescribe it for your kids so that 30 minutes before they have to have a shot you can put the cream on the area and num it up. It works great!