Monday, October 4, 2010

Fun Weekend with Friends!

This past weekend we went to Arlington to visit Carrie, Luke & Claire. We had so much fun! On Friday we went to a nearby park and saw ducks! Then we had Pei Wei for dinner (kind of a tradition with Mommy & Carrie when they get together.) Yummy! On Saturday Luke, Claire, Kate & I got to play with a babysitter while Mommy & Carrie went out to lunch and did some quick shopping!
Luke & I built a tower! I loved Luke's train set, legos, & Thomas the Train tent! On the way home I told Mommy, "Luke has really cool toys! When can I go to Luke's house to play again?"
On Sunday we went to the Children's Museum in Fort Worth (inside the Museum of Science & History). Mommy loved this museum as a little girl & remembers taking art classes there. But it was nothing like she remembered, considering they recently tore the entire museum down & rebuilt it! Luke & I loved the tinker toys!
and the trains!
One of my favorite parts was the Big Bird & Elmo show!
The dinosaur dig was so cool!
Mommy & Miss Kate, who also loved the musuem but mostly hung out in her stroller.
How tall am I? It said I am 2'11" but Mommy really thinks I'm a little taller than that :) It also told her she is 5'4" & the Dr. office has always told her she is 5'3". Who knows?!
Kate having fun in the baby area!

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