Thursday, October 14, 2010

15 Months; 3 Years, 8 Months

On October 2, Kate turned 15 months old! She is pulling up on everything! Occassionally she lets go and tries to stand without support. She has a few more words - she loves to say thank you - thay eww; night night - ny ny; all done - aw duh; One day last week she crawled over to me and said, "hi my-my." I love to play with her - I'll say, "I want to play silly with Kate!" This means I get down & crawl with her, chasing her around the house as she giggles! It's so much fun! Kate & I also like playing with my food toys in my room & having a "picnic." I can't wait until she is walking so we can play even more!
I am getting SO big! And I tell Mommy that - "I'm getting big Mommy!" My current favorite show is Go Diego, Go! I call it, "Go Diego Go Go Go!" I have also been enjoying cutting paper with the new scissors Mommy bought me. I am getting better & better at holding them correctly. Mommy found a big box of Lego's from her childhood & I think they are SO cool. I also love my puzzles. I am asking Mommy & Daddy constantly how to spell words & what the first letter of different words are - they help me with the first sound & I usually figure it out on my own! Last weekend BB & Grandma came to take care of Kate & me while Mommy & Daddy went out of town. A cute conversation I had with BB - Me -"You have really big pants BB. Cause you have really big legs. I'm not that big yet. BB: well, that's true, not yet. I shook my head sadly, "I don't know why it is taking such a long time for me to get big."

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