Saturday, February 23, 2013

Michael's Lego Birthday!

Michael's favorite toy has been Lego's for a while now. So it just made sense to have a Lego party for him. We invited 12 kindergarteners from his class / our neighborhood. 10 came (the parents dropped them off!) - it was a very fun party & all the kids seemed to have a great time & were very well behaved!
 I had a lot of fun looking for Lego ideas on Etsy & Pinterest. I ordered the Lego cookies & thought they turned out so cute! I found the cupcake toppers (& his invitations) on Etsy!
 The kids did a Lego man color sheet
 sweet sibling picture
 Andy came up with this crazy game - the kids had to follow a piece of yarn to the end. Each yarn end was connected to a small Lego set. Then all the kids put their sets together & took them home as their party favor. 
 Amazing how quiet a room of 11 kinders can be when they are all focused on building with Legos!
 Opening presents!

 Aunt Manda & cousin Henry drove up to celebrate with us!
 Cupcake time!
 "Happy Birthday to you..." the kids added some new parts to the song that the adults had never heard before :)
 Not enough chairs for that many kids so we had a picnic :)
 Michael with Papa & BB 
 Michael with Grandma & Grandad
 Our big 6 year old!!

 He had been asking for the Lego fire station for several months - he was SO excited!! 

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