Saturday, February 23, 2013

Michael's Open House

 Michael's open house at his school was the first week of February. It was fun to watch him show off his classroom & all their hard work. This month they've been studying fairy tales & nursery rhymes, so that was the theme of the open house - Mrs. Branch gave us a check-list when we walked in - We looked at Michael's journal at his desk (he looks WAY to old in this pic!! This boy has been growing non-stop since his heart surgery!)

We looked at his creative writing in the hall - love the prince/princess with their photos! So cute!
His says, If I saw a princess trapped in a tower, I would..."make a rope and go to the mountains." Hmmm...wondering how that would benefit the trapped princess :)
 Daddy & Michael tried to "estimate" how many magic beans were in the jar. All the kids had memorized a nursery rhyme of their choice & Mrs. Branch had them recite them for a video that was playing during the open house. 
 Our sweet boy with his teacher. He LOVES her - can you tell?! She is an amazing teacher & we will be sad to say goodbye in May! 

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