Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nelson Christmas

BB & Papa took care of Michael for the week before Christmas so he could have some more quiet time to rest & heal. We decided to celebrate Christmas w/ BB, Papa, Uncle Steven & Uncle Matt, Aunt Manda & cousin Henry the weekend they brought M back to us. It was a fun time, yummy food & lots of laughs with the Nelson/Morgan family tradition of writing poems to help people guess what their gift is.  I cooked ham, green beans (had an unfortunate incident with black pepper - the lid to my pepper shaker wasn't on tightly, so when I went to shake pepper over the green beans, the lid fell off & a mound of pepper went into the skillet. Lovely.)  We also had sweet potatoes, pineapple salad, spinach salad, bread & of course, I had to make my mom's chocolate pie!
I think this was our first Christmas to celebrate with Matt & Manda ??!! Yay!
sweet cousin picture :)
Uncle Matt & Uncle Steven!
love this one :)
the Nelson ladies 
David just likes to sit - on the fireplace, on toys & on presents. 
me & my girl
cutie pie 

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