Sunday, February 10, 2013

things to remember

Michael -
*one morning he said very seriously, "Mommy, do I have a watch?" I told him no. He said, "Well, I would like to have my own watch. That way I can know what time it is without having to find a clock."
*"Mommy! I am SOOOOO behind on my calendar. I need to go work on it & get it caught up." (He has a little calendar that hangs in his room & he marks off each day :)
*One evening he was really wired & didn't want to go to bed. I had closed his door & was in the kitchen when I heard him fake-crying. I opened his door & said, "Michael, why are you fake-crying?" He said very dramatically, "Mommy, I am not fake-crying. I need to get out of bed because my body needs a little bit of water." ha. reminded me of a certain incident this summer at Candice's house :)
*K & M were playing in his room & she was singing. I heard M say to her, "Kate, I love your singing. But can you please lower it?"
*He's gained 2 pounds & grown 1 inch since his surgery on 12/7. So awesome! 

Kate - 
*picked her up from school last week & she talked my ear off the entire way home - "the clouds are white, and snow is white & my socks are white! White is my favorite color! and pink. and purple. and yellow!! There's a school bus Mommy! When I get 5 like Michael, I will be in Kindergarten & I can ride the bus!" When we got home I opened her folder & her teacher had written, "Kate is becoming quite the conversationalist." :) 
*one night she was also really wired & having trouble going to bed (same night as M - I am sure it was a Wedn night because we get home late from life group & they are always so wired because they are so tired :) I had caught her out of bed so I firmly told her to get back in bed & go to sleep. I shut the door & she started fake-crying. I opened her door & she said, "My feelings hurt! You make me sad!" such a hard life :)
*She is ALWAYS singing a song - we love listening to her sing. Her favorite right now is "Hosanna" (the one by Israel Houghton) - she always wants me to play it on spotify. She also still loves & requests the "Morning Song" & "Joy to the World." But then she will say, "But Christmas is over. Because it's not snowing anymore."
*a 3 yr old's logic at nap time - sobbing hysterically - "But I don't want to take a nap!!" me - "Well, I'm sorry, but you need to rest. If you sleep it will go by faster & then you can play!" K - "But I don't want it to go by fast!!!!"
*K was drawing & asked me to help her draw a fish. She said, "Draw me a fish please. But fish don't have eyebrows. But let's pretend fish do have eyebrows!" I drew her a fish with eyebrows. She says, "Look! You drew me a fish! It has eyebrows!" Then she laughed hysterically :) 

David -
*He engulfs his food - he uses both hands to eat so the time it takes him to eat a whole banana & a hard-boiled egg for breakfast - 2 minutes :)
*He sees me with my phone getting ready to take a picture & he will sit down, pose & say, "cheeeeese."
*He continues to be our little dancer. It doesn't matter where the music is coming from - a commercial on tv, a toy that plays music, my phone, etc...he drops everything & starts jamming. It is the funniest thing. ever. It will break my heart when he stops doing it.
*When I ask if he is ready to go night night, he always starts blowing kisses.
*Some of his words / signs - all done, more, eat, milk, banana, diaper, night night, hi, bye, mama, dada, puppy

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