Saturday, February 23, 2013

Valentine's Day!

 I "mustache" you a question - "Will you be my Valentine?"

 These were such a hit last year that we did the same thing for the kids' school valentine cards. It was fun to see Kate be so excited about it. Last year she didn't really care about the mustache. But this year she saw me cutting them out & said excitedly, "I want the biggest mustache!" She loved it! David, not so much :) And I love this cute pic of them kissing David - although, to keep it real, it took me about 10 "not good" pics to get this one good one :)

 We had our 2nd annual Valentine family dinner - complete with heart shapped cinnamon toast, biscuits, X's & O's eggs & bacon & fruit salad. We read some Bible verses about love & shared around the table what we love most. Michael & Kate would answer for David when it was his turn - "food," "my puppy," "naptime," "milk." It was so cute :)

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